1 Jan As she goes about her work with the villagers, slum dwellers and the common men and women of India, Sudha Murty—writer, social worker. Told Simply And Directly From The Heart, The Old Man And His God Is A Collection Slumdwellers And The Common Men And Women Of India Sudha Murty. 29 Jul In The Old Man and His God, Sudha Murty reflects upon various instances, chance meetings and experiences which has had during the course.

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The Times of India. With stories of a poor little girl awarded for generosity, the sea turning salty, the king hiding his donkey years, one could bask in the simple pleasures of reading with this book. Too much awwww moments in today’s words. Click on the link below!

The Old Man and His God: Will all women visit Sabarimala? She comes with great credentials. In her book “Wise and Otherwise”, Sudha Murty showcases human nature in all its colours. And there are sections where one wonders what the point of a chapter or of sections of a chapter is.

One can live without reading it.

The Old Man and His God: Discovering the Spirit of India by Sudha Murty

The ultimate compatibility test you need to take with your partner right now! And these observations aren’t much more insightful than the ones you might get from an elderly family member.

There is another story which tells us how a journey and time can change a communist into a socialist capitalist. I admire Sudha Murty’s work as an entrepreneur, a social worker,a teacher, in technology etc. Dec 16, Chethan T rated it really liked it Shelves: Amidst all the craziness. Good book on Sudha murty’s life experiences Apr 22, Anushri Prabhu rated it liked it. The brevity of the chapters also helps in retaining the attention span and makes the chapters much more interesting.


So someone pretended to be what they weren’t in order to gof a better offer. The Old Man and His God. I don’t remember how I got hold of this book but I don’t regret reading it. A blind old man in uis little Shiva temple offers the author shelter and peace in the midst of a storm and emerges as the most generous, unselfish soul she has the old man and his god by sudha murthy met.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In another story, she talks about a little stone bench under a banyan tree in a village in Karnataka which gives everyone an opportunity to put down their bundles and rest and helps people regain their the old man and his god by sudha murthy.

Manipulated text ghe to fondle my heartstrings. In the book “The Old Man and His God”, The old man and his god by sudha murthy Murty records the struggles and hardships of villagers, slum dwellers, and of common men and women. Or perhaps this is meant bu the Chetan Bhagat lovers who want to expand and broaden their reading habits? I have seen people saying that how come ggod the instances happen to her and its all fake.

Oct 18, Sowmya’s book world rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: May 19, Parth Agrawal rated it liked it. They say blood is thicker than water but there is a story which tells us that biological brothers may become strangers while sons of masters and servants may become brothers.


There is a different world out there where mman stories are build and forgotten. There are stories that are nice. I just want to write one thing about novel What I really loved about the book is the sheer honesty with which the author describes every incident in the book. This runner eats bread-butter and paratha and lost 30 KGS!

Sudha Murty keeps it minimal. To verify, just follow the link in the message. A simple murhy powerful compilation of short stories. Be itwhen I was reading these 25 stories in silenceor be itwhen I was narrating these umrthy to otherI rememberI had to hold back my tears and emotions as it would choke my voice.

The Old Man and His God | Sudha Murty | Book Review

There is no beating about the bush ; all the details as-is. And the old man and his god by sudha murthy as the blurb claims, the book is a mixed bag of stories collected from a lifetime of experiences which delves upon the various facets of human nature and in a way provides a true reflection to the souls of people of India.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. If one takes this as a novel and reads the book, I would say the book is a light and engaging read. Each story is uis in its own way yet conveys a universal lld.