Ce convertisseur supplémentaire est un hacheur-survolteur qui peut élever la tension issue du panneau PV en fonction du rapport cyclique α. Réseau. Hacheur série (abaisseur de tension ou “dévolteur”) . Bilan des puissances ( hacheur idéal): Hacheur parallèle (élévateur de tension ou “survolteur”). CONVERTISSEURS CONTINU-CONTINU Hacheur survolteur (Boost) Phase de CONDUCTION CONVERTISSEURS CONTINU-CONTINU Hacheur survolteur.

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Parallel resistors, located in the branches, enable to display the currents. This thesis introduces and analyzes a new dc-dc converter topology which is based on the Marx generator concept.

Projet 1A by Berengere Dosbour on Prezi

Core transformers – Training module ref: This thesis presents the concept of the dc power flow controller to address the power flow control issues inside a multiterminal High Voltage Direct Current HVDC survolteru. VLV step-down thyristorised chopper – Training module ref: The stability of the converter is analyzed using a sampled-data approach and the power ratings of the semiconductor switches and passive components are evaluated.

The integration of an offshore wind farm into a multiterminal HVDC system is also studied. PAM Possible overhead projection during experiments. The simulated system comprises six VSC terminal stations, the Marx offshore station with an offshore wind farm and the dc power flow controller.

Parallel resistors located in the branches enable hafheur display the currents. The two parts of the thesis, the dc power flow controller and the Marx dc-dc converter, are integrated within a complete multiterminal HVDC system.


Deposit your publication Prepare your thesis Ask a librarian Feedback. The University’s open access institutional repository: The operation and the stability are shown via simulations of a 3-terminal and a 7-terminal HVDC grid.

Equipment for Higher and Technical Education. PED Study of the main optoelectronic sensors, applications such as: The Marx offshore station is simulated with an offshore wind farm and an onshore VSC inverter station. Rails for Laplace’s law: The concept consists of charging capacitors in parallel followed by reconnection in series of syrvolteur capacitors to create higher dc voltage.

DIDALAB : Matériels Didactiques et Pédagogique pour l’Enseignement

Electronic sensors – Training module ref: The controller increases the flexibility and the region of operation of the multiterminal HVDC system. By using a dc collector network for the aggregation of power produced by the wind turbines, the high civil engineering cost of an offshore platform to support heavy ac transformers required by the converter station for HVDC transmission can be avoided.

Both the dc power flow controller and the Marx dc-dc converter enlarge the scope of multiterminal HVDC system. PED 3-phase thyristorised rectifier module, assisted inverter, free-wheel diode.

Library homepage About open access About eScholarship Report a copyright concern Deposit your publication Prepare your thesis Ask a librarian Feedback. Chopper training monitor, 2 quadrants, 30 V 5 Amp.

VLV 1-phase thyristorised rectifier – Survooteur module ref: Record 1 of 1. Ticonal magnets – pair with armature: The controller is connected in series on the HVDC transmission line and it is presented as a small appendage of a voltage source converter VSC station.


Design guidelines are developed and a 5kW prototype has been constructed to verify experimentally the converter topology. Ticonal magnet – bar: The converter with a multi-stage configuration is simulated for proof of concept. Accueil S’identifier Ouvrir un compte client. Title Creator Subject Faculty Date. Parallel resistors are located in the branches in order to display the current on the oscilloscope. Nous sommes concepteurs et fabricants. All items in eScholarship McGill are protected by copyright with all rights reserved unless otherwise indicated.

PED Iron filings g for use with circuits for overhead projection.


For offshore wind farm application, survoltejr Marx dc-dc converter is combined with a step-up converter to form the Marx offshore station which bridges the 10kV dc collector network to the kV HVDC transmission line. PED Experiments on electromagnetic waves, including the analogy with Optics phenomena. The challenge is to bridge the two dc voltages without ac transformers. Magnetized bar on pivot: Library homepage About open access About eScholarship Report a copyright concern.